Dominique-Love-Elizabeth-Feichter_04118In May 2003, Dominique Love left her corporate philanthropy post at The Coca-Cola Company because she wanted to be a part of a new wave of strategic corporate philanthropy that was emerging across the country and help address a growing need for nonprofits to create smarter corporate partnerships. A problem-solver, creative thinker and innovator, Love knew that she could use her experience in fundraising, program development, corporate philanthropy and employee engagement to help both corporate and nonprofit clients think differently about how they “did business” with each other. Two weeks after submitting her resignation and announcing plans to become a consultant, Love signed Delta Air Lines and BellSouth (now AT&T) as her first clients and Corporate Community Outsourcing (CCO) was born!

Almost three years after launching CCO, a post-project debrief with a client, Hands On Atlanta, led to the creation of a dynamic partnership with Elizabeth Feichter. The two had originally worked together a few years earlier to reshape the way Hands On Atlanta and The Coca-Cola Company partnered. Their recent CCO/Hands On Atlanta work reminded them what a great pair they made. Feichter’s detail-oriented mindset, strong program development and implementation background and exceptional fundraising skills complimented Love’s strengths.

Since joining forces, the duo has led CCO’s efforts to serve dozens of clients, from small nonprofit organizations to global Fortune 500 corporations.